How to install larger vinyl graphics on your bike.

What you’ll need:
Vinyl application squeegee (or something similar like a credit card)
Water bottle
dish detergent
rubbing alcohol
masking tape

VFR800 with graphics kitFirst clean the area you are working on with the rubbing alcohol. This will remove any grease and wax.
Put a few drops of dish detergent in a spray bottle of water and shake it up.
Next, place your decal using masking tape.

Carefully cut your decal any where that will need to be cut after application. Do this between body panels and vent areas.

Notice I also cut the 2 upper stripes free of the lower section.
When placing a large graphic on an uneven surface it usually helps to break it into to small sections if possible.

Place tape along 1 edge so that you create a hinge. Flip the section up and peel the backing paper away. While you have the decal flip over, mist the back of the decal and the surface of the bike with the soapy water. The water will give you time to work out air bubbles before the vinyl becomes too sticky.

Rub the vinyl down from the middle of the graphic outward when possible. Don’t worry about comforming the vinyl to every corner. It will be easier to do after the application tape is removed.

After all sections have been applied it is normally best to just leave it alone for a while. This will allow the vinyl to stick as the water drys.

Before pulling the application tape, mist it with water and allow it to soak into the paper. This will help release it.

Next, gently pull the paper away from the graphic. Try to pull from edges that are stuck to the paint instead of the edge that is hanging off.

After all tape is removed, continue working out all air bubbles. Trim or wrap the edges after the vinyl has dried overnight.

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